AppGyver mentors


If you know a top-notch AppGyver mentor, or if you are an expert yourself and willing to cooperate in a mentorship program, please let me know!
It’s so hard to find any mentor out there and I need some guidance from an expert on this journey to become a proper no-code developer.

Thanks in advance!

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It is quite possible to learn AppGyver on your own and ask questions here on the forums.
You can start by taking a look at our onboarding videos meant for 1-st time users of AppGyver:

We have a lot of community creators that make videos about the platform:

And overall our documentation has just enough to kick-start your journey:

Take a look at those and start using the platfrorm; with enough practice you will be a low code developer in no time! If you have any questions/problems feel free to use the forums to ask about those.

You can check some tutorials in my channel which can help you during your learning journey:

and happy to help as mentor


Thanks a lot!
At the moment I’m in contact with 2 mentors but I’ll come back to you if necessary.
Great content on your Youtube page though! Well done!