Appgyver might save your hours worth of work, or it might not. You just never know

Absolute worst thing about Appgyver is you never know if you are wasting your time. The next time you open the app you have been working on, it may have just decided to revert your work back to a previous version out of the blue, this causing hours worth of work to have been a complete waste of time.

I truly empathize with your frustration. Personally, I find AppGyver to be a preferred platform compared to others I’ve experimented with. However, I’ve encountered significant challenges where some of my projects seem to have met an unfortunate end within my account.

For instance, the latest bug related to opening pages has been quite perplexing. It used to be that setting “open in modal” to true was the workaround, but now, you’re required to activate the navigation menu. The bug also affects the open camera logic.

I’m certain I could build a hello world application with no problem though lol.

I hope they figure it out

I’m building an awesome alternative, in case you want to get involved. I also have a way for small devs to monetize apps like you would not believe.