Appgyver Mobile App Crashing on Android


Have been facing an issue on my phone (Oppo F17), for the last few hours. The app keeps crashing over and over again. It happens at different points in going through my app, most commonly when exiting videos. Additionally the videos also stop playing halfway through. I tried it out on a Motorolla handset as well, but encountered the same issue.

I have restarted my phone, uninstalled and reinstalled the app to no avail. My partner who has an iPhone is not encountering these issues. Not sure what is causing the problem. Would appreciate any help with this matter.



So follow up. The app worked on my mobile the next day but not any day since. It seems the platform is very unstable. There is also a difference in performance on Android vs iOS. My partner has been able to use it on his iPhone I haven’t on my Android device. But there has also been a day where it worked on my device but not on his.

We have made no changes to our app, yet the issue persists. Please help at the earliest. It is very much hindering our efforts to user test.



So I am still facing this issue. App still keeps crashing. It’s put a stop to all user testing. Please revert asap.

Hey there!

First off just to make sure: Is this issue occurring with the AppGyver preview app or with a released app?

This is occuring with the preview app.

Would be able to provide a crash log with adb logcat (this requires installing Android SDK)?
Also can you provide the id of the app in question?


I have mailed you the crash log. The file was too big too upload to the forum here. The name of the app is ShadowMVP. Not sure if this is the id requested.

The log has been received, thank you very much!
The app is this number:<id>
If you can provide it and give your permission to look at the app, we can investigate further.

The app number is 161584. And yes you have permission to look at the app :smiley:. Will be really happy to have the issue resolved. Thank you in advance!

It seems that the crash is coming from React Native side – I PM’d you with info on how to get the beta version of our upcoming 2.x runtime upgrade running for you, so could you check if the crash persists with that version?


So I am unable to even open the app on the beta version. Another app I have for testing purposes does open, but videos on that app cause it to crash (at the end of the video)… which wasn’t the case before in the non-beta app.

When you say “unable to even open the app”, does it remain in spinner or what’s happening? Have you updated all the flow functions in your app to the latest version (via the Marketplace at the top left corner)?

Can you share the app ID of the barebones test case so we could repro the crash on our end too?

Yes, it remains in spinner. I have updated all the flow functions in the app. The app ID is 161584.

Hi, Any progress on this front?

Hi Guys!,

I have a smililar issue. When testing in the android console i get the follwoing errors:


Native crash of


java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: aewt

Maybe this has the same root cause?

kind regards,


@chillywaffles what’s your app ID? What platform – I assume Android since stacktrace has Java? What device and platform?

FYI we were looking at this with Ozair in DM, and at least one issue for him will be fixed for the next beta release tag!