AppGyver Multiple Errors Issue

I’m new to AppGyver so please bear with me. I followed this tutorial and for a minute some things worked and now they don’t work. I’m pulling in Bubble data via API.

What’s not working:
Images don’t show up in App Preview, though I can see images from the Editor Preview
I can’t pass data to details page, not working
I’m getting an error when configuring Data API

I would appreciate any help…



Hmm it looks like the id you’re using in your Get request is not found in your database. Are you sure you’re using the correct id in your request? I’m haven’t used bubble that much, does the api state if the id should be given as a query or in the API url?

Hi @Cecilia, thanks for your response. Here’s a link to Bubble API reference (Reference | Bubble) I just can’t seem to figure out what to put in the Get Record (Get) I’ve tried everything and its not working which may be the cause of why data is not showing on the details page. I removed the id Get Collection (Get), that seems ok. Please let me know what I am doing wrong… And also, I can’t view images on the device app viewer.


Were you able to get the images before? What I’m gathering from the documentation you’ll need the following in your data configuration:

resource url:

relative path (add this to the GET tab):

HTTP Header:
Authorization (with the value: Bearer: your_api_key)

url placeholder:
id (value being the id of the object you want to get)

I think the problem is that you’re now configuring the Get Collection tab, i.e. the request that gets a list of all the objects. That’s probably the reason your image fetch is now failing. Try removing the url placeholder id and the relative path /{id} from this tab, and put them in the Get Record tab instead to try getting a single object based on the id.

Can you please go in the app and see?

Did you try that same configuration in the Get Record tab? Instead of the Get collection tab :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m still getting an error in Get Record Tab

Hmm I’m looking at it now and sorry it was my careless mistake before, the Authorization format is Bearer api_key instead of Bearer: api_key . I fixed that and added it also to the Get collection tab, and now it’s at least retrieving the list of images. But even though I tried with an id found from that list, the Get record test says no record found :thinking: I’ll keep trying to find out what’s wrong.

@Cecilia thanks much, this is where I am getting mixed up as well.

ah now I found it! The response key path should just be response instead of response.result for the Get record. I fixed it and saved, should be working now :slight_smile:

@Cecilia ok, let me check

On the details screen, I can’t link the image. can you please check?

You’re missing the ID link in the data record. That can happen if you delete url placeholders or change their names in the data config tab, it’s a bit confusing. But just ignore that path_id parameter for now and set the value to the required ID parameter instead.

So sorry @Cecilia, I can’t make any sense of it, I can’t link to the image. I’m lost…

No worries! :slight_smile: You had lots of things correctly set up, but here it is again step by step:

So for your details page, add a page parameter id. Then, back in your repeating list page, set the current._id as the parameter value for the Open page flow function. I saw you had these before but removed them now, so go ahead and set them back :slight_smile:

Then, in the details page, create a data variable for the single item (a Single record type). The data variable will ask for an ID in the properties side panel, so you can set the page parameter as its value. I think you also had these before set just right.

Now in the details page you should be able to access properties from the data variable, including the picture property.

OK, now I can see the picture, problem is, its the same picture on the details page

@Cecilia also keep in mind that the picture is not showing on my iPhone so its hard to judge what the app would look like. I read on the forum people are having this issue as well. How can I view using the appGyver App Viewer?

@Cecilia I have to say AppGyver is too complicated for simple things. Data on the details screen is the same, pictures don’t show up on the App Preview, configuring APIs seems to be a nightmare, its all too frustrating… I think I better look somewhere else for my app development, this is not working…


The problem is in the RestaurantPicture API response, it doesn’t seem to be a url to a photo and that’s why it isn’t showing up in your app. I tried to open one of them in my browser but was not able to. So I would check if the pictures in your backend are correctly set up.

But sorry to hear about the frustration, it did seem like you had a lot of pieces set up correctly and were making good progress on your app! To each their own platform, hope you find something more comfortable to work with :slight_smile: