Appgyver needs a "noobs" section

I love Appgyver, I really do. But I have a few issues with it. For someone with a technical background, I’m guessing it’s fairly easy to pick up. Even me, someone without coding skill has been impressed with what I’ve accomplished with the tool. That said, I think that maybe there could be some better documentation & instructional videos that address more basic issues that people like me don’t understand.

The use cases tend to be fairly specific, and for someone who is a true “no-coder” this is a lot to absorb. What I would like to see is content aimed specifically for us “noobs”, maybe in its own no-coder section. People who truly have zero or near-zero technical skills who want to learn the very basics like, “What is a variable?” or “Formula basics”. Also, having at least one person committed to answering these basic questions would probably help understand where the biggest sticking points are.

I think that it would really help expand the user base if you could back away from the product a bit and see it from a 30k foot level. What are the key concepts that people who have no technical skills need to understand in order to use the product?

I’ve spent countless hours playing with Composer and even though I’ve learned a lot, these basic concepts still are not intuitive enough to me.

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Hi there!

This is something we recognize about the documentation and are currently working on :slight_smile:
The content plan is still evolving, but I can say we will cover things like “what is a variable” and “formula basics”. So new things are coming, please be patient!

Also you are encouraged to ask even the simplest questions here on the forums! There are no stupid questions and it does help everyone the more questions and answers there are :slight_smile:

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Where can I find detailed documentation about formula and variable. I’d like to learn the Appgyver but always stuck here. What is the rule? When I see this: MAP(appVars.players, IF(index == pageVars.playerIndex, SET_KEY(player, “score”, 12345), player)) - where have to put the bracket, quotation mark, comma, etc., what is teh formula and teh function?
You promot on your homepage " You will never go back to coding. Seriously." but is not true because we must to learn low-code (variables, formulas).
There is an “easy” way, to learn this?

I think Appgyver is one of the more complex solutions in this space. Appgyver´s strength is that it is amazingly flexible and allows really complex solutions to be built. But nothing complex is ever easy to use.

I´m all for improving the documentation as its about a 2/10 in most areas, and the communication. But if too much effort is put into simplifying it then that is effort that isn´t being put into fixing the bugs and moving forward.

I think it would be really good for AppGyver to possibly be a bit more open and honest up front so people new to this area don´t try to build something that they have a low probability of completing.

I think the tutorials should be in some way locked down so that full access to composer wasn´t enabled until they were all completed. And then there should be quite a detailed app planning section - planning an app, the pages, data flows etc before any coding of any sort is done.

I think a lot depends if the goal is completed, published apps or simply users.

Without putting a lot of effort into it, someone could probably select / recommend a good selection of complimentary online courses, to help fill in the blanks. Some of the community are doing some videos - I saw it mentioned the other day. In the meantime, just look outside appgyver for training resources - there is loads out there.

Good luck!

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