AppGyver Paid subscription plans?

Will SAP ever introduce a paid plan with more features (for non-SAP users)? I know it was kind of mentioned just after appgyver was acquired by SAP.

I just would feel more confident in building enterprise-grade solutions for clients if I paid for something and had some sort of SLA. And I don’t want to join SAP and pay $100 per user.

Free platforms never give me any confidence unless its opensource and at the scale close to WordPress with a gigantic community.

As I am aware, only enterprises with over 10M$+ in earnings have to pay in order to use this application/website. For enterprises with earnings under 10M$, the service is free for life (this is the information they always mentioned on the website). They might have reconsidered or they are researching to make a paid subscription worth it.

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I think that 10M limit has been scrapped now. The community edition of Appgyver is free for everyone.

Well, that’s nice of them… It would be a high-end tier product if they would make at least a plugin section where people could make functions using code. As I mentioned above, they might be researching onto a paid subscription or they are focusing on other projects.

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@Antemir_Luca the answer is true. Feel free to distribute your applications, for your own benefits, for your customers, for businesses, etc. It’s 100% free. Here at AppGyver if you are a very large company, or you become a very successful company that invoices high amounts with the values you @Antemir_Luca said, there is if AppGyver charges you if it passes the cap.

But appGyver also offers enterprise plans and if you’re a big company, you can talk to developers.

Because of the website where the documentation is, that is being updated, there is no information until this time of writing.

But here I leave you a link from the source of one of the Founder and CEO where he explains the prices: SAP AppGyver is now free for everyone — regardless of revenue | by Marko Lehtimaki | AppGyver

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I think they have a paid addon for SAP users. Its like 10 Euros per user and not 10 Euros per developer as the article implied. Big difference. Must have been a typo in the article.

Was hoping for a paid plan for non SAP users on top of the community edition.