Appgyver Platform Concerns for Serious App Development

Appgyver has long been a popular platform for app development, known for its ease of use and powerful tools. However, recent issues have raised concerns about the platform’s reliability and suitability for serious application development.

One of the main concerns is the platform’s recent performance issues. Many users have reported slow load times, frequent crashes, and other performance issues that make app development frustrating and time-consuming. For developers working on serious applications with tight deadlines and complex requirements, these issues can be a major obstacle.

For developers who are working on serious applications, these concerns are significant. App development is a complex and time-consuming process, and any issues with the platform can lead to delays, added costs, and even compromised app functionality. Developers need a platform that is reliable, stable, and secure in order to create successful and effective apps.

In conclusion, for me, the recent issues with Appgyver have raised concerns for serious app development. Developers need a platform that is reliable, stable, and secure in order to create effective and successful apps. While Appgyver may still be a viable option for some developers, those experiencing issues should consider exploring other platforms in order to ensure the success of their projects.

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I want to respectfully post here and ask what your expectation is from this post? Most users that are aware of the software development space do not expect a bug free product, and though there can be issues its worth acknowledging this is one of (if not the only) completely free platform thay gives you ownership of your app and ideas for web and mobile apps.

If you have concerns about the product you do have the choice to go to other platforms, but as someone who has reviewed quite a few I can tell you most people do not have the money to pay for monthly or yearly memberships, most of which can charge per app (for some you can expect $300-$1000 usd per year per app for android and ios).

Additionally, I think appgyver hopes that by offering users a forum we can help each other, thus bridging the gap in technical documentation so they can continue to develop a free platform. Think about how hard it must be to make a digital product that can build apps that run on different devices with some complex functionality. Additionally, people mention them being a part of SAP and this increasing expectations, but this was a large product before this change - and it is still free. Expecting everything to work the way people want it is unrealistic.

With this being said I have used the platform for years, and I agree there is room for improvement. To fight for Appgyver for a moment, think about it from their perspective. All we see in the forums are requests and reports about issues, all of us asking them to do more and do better. Its as if users expect a free and nearly perfect product, but if they started charging so they could meet our demands many people would likely try to find another service. They are working to provide an amazing tool to us that is free. I have a rediculous number of videos and apps I built with this product, and it hasnt cost me anything. You said you work in development, so you understand this takes time.


I agree with you. I have used for since some times ago the platform. I know it’s a free “test” platform with “bug” and I respect the work of the Appgyver team.

Maybe keeping a working version of the Composer before launch a new one will help.

I consider that the changes affect the apps.

Yesterday I had a working App, today (literally one week later) not (ex. Actions linked to container isn’t working anymore, the open page flow isn’t working on Android preview,…)

I really enjoy the platform, but, as I said, I am concerned about his use for production app (Ex. I have to wait to build my Android app when the last week all was working fine).

It may be worth considering a change to your process. After any major milestone with Appgyver I make sure to build my app (not for fear of broken functionality), but an added benefit is if you built the app and deoloyed it when it was working, you wouldnt have any issues now. Most developers build and deploy to test envoronments as a standard development process. You can roll back changes as needed and not be dependent on Appgyver for this. I hope this helps, it isnt great some functionality isnt working, but at least its free!

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I will wait the stable version to create the new features my client needs. For my good luck the actual version published works. It’s just difficult to plan a timeline. In the past most of important bugs were resolved in few days (although the open page flow bugs in android preview has been pending for a while).

My (thought) post no pretend to offend anyone, just get some advice to know how other manage the requirements of the clients using Appgyver.

Man, I swear, your original post felt like it was written by chatGPT :rofl: :wink:

I hear you and I’m not happy with SAP. I will most likely build my next commercial app on another platform. Being free does not warrant so many major problems such as non-working build preview, failed iOS/Android build services, huge lag when working on design for over 2 minutes,… These major problems do not exist on other platforms and if they do, they are temporary and fixed urgently.

I’m hoping for a miracle by this summer, because I want to stick to a tool I’ve learned well and whose potential is great in theory. Otherwise, I’ll be one of the 10,000+ users who registered / used this tool but did not stay.

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That’s right I have used ChatGpt to help me (and I also have integrated it I’m a project with success in Appgyver) to redact the base of the text (I am testing some options of OpenAi).

I also hope there will be a stable version of Appgyver, I really enjoy use it.

I am still thinking that keeping the working version (stable, maybe with some bugs, but stable) and another for the new release will be a good solution for me. So I am an decide which one I want to use.

Thanks for your comment. :slight_smile:

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What other platforms have you two considered? I know flipabit is the closest to another free tool, but it seems to have a steep learning curve (and its a program, not web based). Regardless of whether it’s free or not.
It’s the only other tool that features an intuitive node connection builder.

I am interested in It’s not free but it seems to be an interresting platform to generate Flutter App.

This Bubble veteran, who’s disappointed by their latest price change, published this article where FlutterFlow and Noodl top the list:

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Do either of those let users own source code? A long time ago i tried to use a sperate codeless app builder to make a social media app. It was so expecsive just to maintain the one app as a hobby. I would love an affordable builder for web apps lnly where you can own/host your own code.

According to the article, both FF and Noodl let you own the code. Although the code generated by noodl is a hybrid code.
You can get clarifications in their discord forum.