Appgyver possibilities : connecting to bluetooth receipt printer?

is it possible to connect the app to the Bluetooth receipt printer (e.g Epson)

that will be the perfect POS (point of sale) for my family Bussines
any suggestions or hacks to print receipts for customers?

thank you

Hi! This isn’t possible at the moment. It may become possible after third party plugins become available, but not as of now.

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As this been made possible now? @Mevi

Third party plugin support is not out yet, it’s still in the works after the first round of internal testing.

This has been publicly promised to us for almost 2 full years. Countless posts asking about it and dozens ignored. It’s amazing how many people are begging for BL capabilities. Probably because it’s an actual practical use application. I have two apps waiting on this alleged and mystical unicorn. Both are being redone in FlutterFlow because I got tired of waiting and tired of developers ignoring requests for updates…it’s a shame.

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Sorry to hear that. We have been going through a lot in the past two years and unfortunately third party plugins were pushed back due to a lot of other features that were prioritized higher. We are currently in internal testing stages of the third party support though, so it’s far more tangible now than before, but if you are in a hurry and find another platform better for your needs at this time, of course you must do what is best for you. Good luck!

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