Appgyver Preview app crashing: Can't debug

@Mevi @Harri_Sarsa @Tomi_Laakso

Hi all, i am facing this issue where the Appgyver preview app keeps crashing (most probably due to some faulty logic on my end). The issue is that i can’t debug the errors because the debugger can’t connect (because the Preview app crashes as soon as my app is selected).

Now, i’ve tried taking apart the entire logic in the app, piece by piece, over multiple days. And still no joy. Surely, there is a better way/practice to debug than to break everything, every time.
Some times, after very small changes, it does help to revert, but certainly not after you’ve made quite a few changes (which is most of the times).

Kindly advise on this. I seem to be missing out some best practices for sure, as a lot of my time is spent on figuring out ‘how’ to debug and what to rectify.


Hi! Sorry to hear that your app is crashing that badly.

I personally tend to use debugger rather rarely. More often I have the Chrome developer console open as I use the web preview and look at the errors received from there if there is a crash. Perhaps have a look at what it says? It can give some clues as to what is going wrong.

Either way, if you can give me your app ID I can also have a look and see if I can figure out what’s causing the crash.

Hi @Mevi, thanks for your answer.

I did manage to figure out the cause (here), after all the breaking and recreating logics.

I’ve tried using the Chrome developer console, but the Appgyver debugger provides useful data about the App State as well as the nodes, which i’m not sure how to identify in the Chrome developer console.

Good to hear you got it figured out!

Yes, for app state etc., the debugger is way more informative. Chrome developer console only really works for javascript errors and crashes.