Appgyver Preview App on Android not pulling records

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Hi Experts,

I’m making an app that fetches the user records via API from a server and its working just fine on the iOS SAP AppGyver Preview app, however the android SAP AppGyver Preview app is not behaving the best. The app update time doesn’t refresh and stays “0 minutes”. When I’m previewing the app, API call is made but the data is not displayed on the UI.

It is infact the same issue with android build also, and I have started facing this issue recently (past 2 days may be). Before that everything was working just fine.

Anyone else facing the same issue?
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Hi @kay, what’s your app ID (number sequence in project URL)?

Hi Mari,

Thanks for responding the app id is 316702.
In case you can suggest what could be going wrong with Android Preview app.


Hi @kay, we found out that the server you’re making API calls to responds with:
\n\n\"[\\n {\\n \\\"id\\\" => "[\n {\n \"id\"

Whereas for example the REST countries API returns
\n\n\"[{\\\"name\\\" => "[{\"name\"

For some reason Android cannot handle the response with newline as the first character.

Hi Mari,

Thanks for pointing that out, I guess I can try to fix that json formatting.

Also just wondering if this will be registered a bug on the Android preview app, because ios preview app can still handle it and json parser shouldn’t break because of new-line characters.

Thanks again for looking into it.