AppGyver Preview App vs App Preview Portal

A simple note taking function in my app works fine in the Portal but not at all in the Preview App (on Android). Any suggestions?
The “Input Field” is supposed to update the internal record on the 'phone.

Hi! Sorry for the delayed answer. I’m sorry I don’t quite understand, what are you referring to as “Portal”? :sweat_smile:

When you click the “Launch” tab in Composer: on the left side at the top it says " Web Apps. You can preview web apps in the app preview portal." followed by a button called “Open App Preview Portal” That’s the thing I am referring to.

Oh! I see now. What version are you using on Android and in web? (both can be seen if you click/tap the email of your user in the select apps view) What is the “note taking function” that you’re doing?

the android runtime version is 2.4.28
On the web I am using Firefox 85 on a Mac Big Sur 11.2 which is also using runtime version 2.4.28
Notetaking: I have an “input field” bound to a “data variable” which uses the logic boxes “Data: Get Record” and “Data: Update Record” The idea is that the user can keep a private record of their notes on a certain product.

Humm… What are you using for data? Do you get any errors into the browser’s developer console? Check these, and then I can also have a look if you share your app id with me.

I don’t get any errors, although I haven’t discovered how to get the debugger to work yet (still new here…)
On 2 pages that I am testing I have Input Fields where the user can enter their thoughts on the product listed on that page. They press a Button that Updates a Record in the client-side Data Resource. These notes should be stored for all time.
When I test this on the “Preview Portal” I can input my notes on the first page, go to the second page and give notes on that product too, then go back to the first page and the notes are still there (as they are on the second page as well) This is what I want to happen.
However, when I try this on the Android app I can enter the notes but they do NOT save, so when I come back to the page there is nothing there.
App is still VERY rudimentary as I am still trying to work out a lot of navigational details before diving in to creating the work of art that is in my head. User ID is 90186.
To test:
(1)click FAQ button
(2) click “Button”
(3)scroll down to bottom of page and press “More About this distillery” button
(4) enter comments in “My Tasting Notes” field and press “Save my thoughts” button
(5)Press “Blair Athol” (just below the previous button)
(6) enter comments in the “My tasting notes” field on this page and press “Save my thoughts” button. (7) press “Macallan” which will take you back to Step 3’s page.
(8) scroll down and press the “More about this distillery” button again.
(9) You should see the notes you created in step 4.

Hi! Client-side resource will only exist on the user’s phone, but if that’s what you had in mind, that’s ok. If you want it stored in the cloud, you’ll need to use a different kind of database.

Not sure why the client-side resource isn’t working in the standalone though, but I’ll check if it works for me and report it if it doesn’t or come back with more questions if it does :thinking:

Thank you! Yes the notes are their personal notes and need to stay with them. My users will,m often find themselves without access to wifi so everything needs to be bulletproof and cloud-free!
I am tweaking the navigation described above which will make it easier to find the troublespot:

  1. On Home Page click “All Scotland’s Distilleries”
  2. Click “Aberfeldy” (= top one)
  3. Scroll down to “My Tasting Notes” and type something in the box.
  4. Click “Save my thoughts on this dram”
  5. Press “Blair Athol” (just below the previous button)
    (6) enter comments in the “My tasting notes” field on this page and press “Save my thoughts” button. (7) press “Macallan” which will take you back to the Aberfeldy page.
  6. You should see the notes you created for this whisky in step 3
  7. Press “Blair Athol” again and you should see those notes again too.

Alright, good to know that the client-side storage works for your usecase :slight_smile:

I have two ideas of what could be off –

  1. You are only setting the changes into the data variable, but you need to also update/create the record
  2. If you have a “single” type data variable, the logic loop can override the updating logic, if you haven’t removed it

Can you show me what the logic for creating/updating these notes looks like?

Other than these, we found some issues where client-side records weren’t saved when a lot of actions were done right after one another in a standalone build. We are looking into this. In general something that you should note is that client-side records don’t have that much space on the device (this is what we are seeking to increase for the stability). So if you save e.g. images or there is not much space on the device, this can be what causes it to fail.

Here is the set up.
I hear what you say about storage, but this would be text only, and the android device I am testing it on has loads of storage available.

I finally got around to testing this on an ipad and have the same problem as Android version- ie it doesn’t work!

does anybody have any idea how to make this work???

More troubleshooting info:
I am trying to save notes on various products to client-side storage.
The android & IOS apps don’t work at all.
The “Web App Preview Portal” (which you access from the Launch tab in Composer) half works:
As well as the two sample pages I have now created a Test Page with 2 input fields that are supposed to save the notes that the user inputs on each of the two products that the sample pages refer to. In other words I can now input data to the records from two separate places.
(step 1) I enter individual notes on the 2 product pages,
(step 2) I go to the test page (where I would hope to see the notes just made in step 1, but don’t) and enter more notes there on both products (each product has its own input field & button on this test page). These notes theoretically link to the same records as the individual product pages’ input fields do.
(step 3) I then return to each of the product pages in turn and the notes entered before (in step 1) are still there, but not the notes (step 2) from the test page .
(step 4) Going to the Test page shows the original (step 2) notes but not the product page notes from step 1.
so… Is the Preview Portal a distraction? and what am I doing wrong with the Android & IOS appgyver apps?



I’m not sure I understand from your description what could be going wrong, as on the surface the functionality you want to do should work.

If you’re updating the record, please check that the record you’re updating exists – otherwise, you need to create it. It might help you to look through some of the tutorials we have on the topic of handling data in our core lessons.

I can also have a look at your app if you can give me your app id and the steps of what you want to do and what should I expect to happen and what doesn’t, so I can see if there’s something missing.

The thing that really confuses me, as the title of this thread says, is that this DOES work in the Preview Portal, but doesn’t work in the Android or iPad apps. If it just didn’t work anywhere I would know that the setup was just wrong, but with it doing what it is supposed to do in the Preview Portal I am very confused as to where to begin with debugging. App ID is 284334.
To test it here is the routine:

(1)On Home Page click “All Scotland’s Distilleries”
(2) Click “Aberfeldy” (= top one)
(3) Scroll down to “My Tasting Notes” and type something in the box.
(4) Click “Save my thoughts on this dram”
(5) Press “Blair Athol” (just below the previous button) which will take you to the Aberlour page.
(6) enter comments in the “My tasting notes” field on this page and press “Save my thoughts” button. (7) press “Macallan” which will take you back to the Aberfeldy page.
(8) You should see the notes you created for this whisky in step 3
(9) Press “Blair Athol” again and you should see the Aberlour notes again too.
This IS what happens in the Preview Portal but it does not record any of the notes on the 'phone versions.
However, as noted in post 13 above, trying to record notes from a separate source (Test Page) which should be visible on the Aberlour & Aberfeldy pages as well does not work anywhere.

Hi! The app id you provided me isn’t correct – can you provide me the url you use in Composer, like[app id]/pages/[page id]

try this sorry about that!

Hi! I had a look and the input field where the tasting notes are supposed to be typed tries to reference a data variable like this
Screenshot 2021-03-04 at 14.25.18

But there are no data variables on the page. Please check the logic again and update all relevant parts with new variable info :sweat_smile: