Appgyver preview crashing?

I’ve got my weather app running in the appgyver preview, and works great. However, the preview app just quits unexpectedly after about 6-8 hours. I don’t see anything odd in debugger, but the debugger doesn’t stay connected very long and keeps disconnecting after about 10 minutes or so.

How can I best diagnose/troubleshoot (and ultimately fix) this crashing problem?

Preview app version (Android 5.x): 1.7.12


Is it possible to connect the device via USB to a computer that has Android development tools installed and run adb logcat -f crashlog.log? That’s the best way to get the exact crash log out. More on this here:

If that seems overly complicated/technical, I’ll get back here with more ideas after chatting with our dev team!

I pulled crashlog - this was just after preview crashed - I don’t know if I have to have adb logcat running during the crash.

Pls advise:

  1. do I need to have logcat running while a crash occurs
  2. once I have a crashlog (again, I have one already), how/where to share the output if not here in the forum


Logcat doesn’t need to be running, you can connect it after the crash and still get the log. We got the crash log via your DM, so we’ll check it and get back to you!