Appgyver preview is not loading my project

Error from iPhone: Networking error, retrying to download the app descriptor.

Anybody knows how to fix it?



I just started having a similar issue.

the preview won’t launch in the browser and on the preview app on android i get this error:
Failed to load app descriptor. Missing a root property: screens

the issue persists even with a new project without any edits.


“Networking error, retrying to download the app descriptor” for me, too…


This issue seems to be system wide. Not the first time this has happened. I’ll have to assume it should be fine by tomorrow.

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Having the same issue.

There was an issue with our service earlier this week Failed to load App Descriptor | Voters | AppGyver

We dealt with the immediate problem, but unfortunately this might still reoccur as we haven’t yet found and fixed the original culprit that is causing this – we will be looking into that more next week, as investigations so far have not yielded results.

However just to note that if this happens again, the problem goes away by itself in 1-2h.


Hi Mevi,

Thank you for your response, I’ve noted that after 2 hours I was able to work on the project again.
I really appreciate all the support that appgyver’s team give to this community.


Hello sir i have also facing the same issue just now…my all project getting same error, how to fix this …

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Looks like the appgyver preview is down due to CORS error. Please help!

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I have the same problem. Can’t open any projects

Hi! Sorry for my belated answer – are you able to open your projects now? There may have been some load on our servers that caused issues, but everything seems to be back to normal now. Please let me know if this persists.