Appgyver Preview not loading

Hi, the Appgyver Preview I downloaded on my phone stopped working. It does not go beyond the white page and spinner that show when I open the app. Furthermore, the download of the app created two copies of the app on my phone. My builder application number is 247620. Looking forward to the solution.

Same here, App Preview not working on Mac or IOS. It worked initially, but then stopped working, spinner keeps spinning until it time out, etc. Cleared cache on browser, did not help. Any tips?

Hi Scott,

Did you get any help?. Just like you, no preview is working for me. How do people get help here?

Hi guys, sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with the preview. We’ll look into it – just to check, do you have an initial view that is not dismissed or any other logic where it could be that the spinner is initially shown but then “Hide spinner” is not used → eternal spinner?

Hi Greg,
No, I created a New project and displayed fine, I worked backwards and delete content and pages until I got to my Home page and still couldn’t find what the problem was. Something in the project must have gotten corrupted which did not allow Preview to work. Try creating a new Project and see if it displays OK, bet you have the same issue.

Hi Mari, clicking the open button progresses to a white page which spins for eternity.

Hi Scott,
Many thanks. Let me do the same and see what happens. I am just beginning so starting again is not a big setback. I hope this problem will not return when I have made some good progress.

Hey @Gregory_Atoko , I checked your app and it seems like you ran into one bug that is still on our backlog - It happens if you remove the page that is the first (or only) tab in the navigation menu. Your app should work properly again if you add your intended initial page as the navigation tab’s page

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Same problem for me.