AppGyver preview on Android phone


I’m trying to preview the app that I built in AppGyver in my Android phone. So, I installed the app and try to scan QR code from the ‘Launch’, but I don’t have that option in my account:

Then, I choose the ‘pin code’ option. But, when I entered the pin code, it showed me ‘Session expired’ error. I’ve installed and reinstalled many times, still I’ve got the same issue.

Can someone help me on this?


From your first screenshot, I can see that you are using SAP Build Apps. The AppGyver Preview is not compatible with SAP Build Apps, as it has its own preview app. Although, I have to note that SAP Build Apps’s preview app is not yet available, as web builds are the only platform available for building at the moment. We are working on releasing it soon with a lot of improvements.

Hi Kirill,

Thanks for the reply!

Does that mean in the meantime, to preview the app that we built in AppGyver through SAP Build Apps, we can only use option ‘Preview on web’?

Plus, may I know when will be the target for releasing the SAP Build Apps preview?


Just to clarify - SAP Build Apps is an evolution of AppGyver, so you are not building apps in AppGyver through Build Apps :slight_smile:. And yes, web preview is the only option right now. I cannot give an exact date for the preview app, but we working on it with a number one priority.

Hi Kirill,

Thanks again for the reply!

Sorry but need to ask you one more question… If I want to build app in AppGyver, and preferably that AppGyver (free tier plan) is in my SAP BTP account, what application should I install in my SAP BTP account?


There is currently no free tier plan for AppGyver in SAP BTP. In fact, only SAP Build Apps plans are available. To enable SAP Build Apps free tier, check this:

Furthermore, AppGyver now exists only as AppGyver Community Edition. Learn more: