Appgyver Pricing for Company more than 10m revenue

I understand for Indie for company with less than 10M is free, but that where can i get pricing options for using composer pro for companies with more than 10M revenue?


Following AppGyver’s recent acquisition by SAP (see more in our blog post:, we are in the middle of an integration process and are not taking on new enterprise trials at the moment.

However, in the meantime you are free to use the publicly available platform. You can even take your projects all the way to production, though please note that dedicated support and SLAs are currently not available.

We will provide more information as soon as possible. While we can’t give details on pricing and other aspects yet, we are working on new commercial offerings for everyone from small companies to large enterprises.

Hello @Akseli_Virtanen,

My organization is interested in joining Appgyver’s enterprise plan. I understand the details of the SAP acquisition are still being sorted out. Just to clarify, is the plan not available at the moment due to the transition? If so, have there been any updates on the matter, and would you know roughly when companies would be able to have details on pricing?

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