AppGyver project is too good to be true

Hello, Sorry but I think the AppGyver project is too good to be true. I have spent months studying and watching the tutorials, I have paid for some Udemy courses and tested the different components to be able to develop a simple application with connection to firebase.
Well, I feel a deep frustration for the lack of development that this system has, it is clear that since it is free sistem, you cannot expect much, but I hoped that at least the basic components would work correctly. Every idea into this project are really good, Platform, Academy, Community, Blog, etc, but don’t work. I don’t know if it is the beginning or the end of life of this project but sometime i want to scream because is frustrating.

Sometimes when I’m use a function included in AppGyver, I run into some compatibility or access permission error to the device.

Being a system to create applications for mobile phones, it does not even have a component to use the front camera, something basic and elementary.

This message is just a download of frustration because I have invested a lot of time and energy in your system and unfortunately if this continues I will have to abandon my plans. I’m sorry to be negative, hopefully I could help improve it but if I knew how to program I wouldn’t use a “no-code” system. : frowning:

I feeling sad for burn energy and time in write this post.

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hi Sergio - what sort of app are you trying to build, and what issues are you having beyond not being able to use the front-facing camera?

I have found the forums extremely helpful and responsive in being able to address issues I have faced since starting to build on AppGyver a few weeks ago.


You can’t take a selfie.

The pick file from gallery doesn’t work on the web or on Android.

The ‘upload file’ worked but it stopped working for the last few days.

the 3rd part authentication does not continue with flow correctly after login.

The bad thing is when you think it’s done and ok and from one moment to the next it doesn’t do anything and you have to re-debug everything. But don’t worry, I’m a bit stressed but I’ll continue working until I make my sports management app. 110% frustration but I’ll keep trying.


The update to Version: 2.4.17 (beta) has been a bottle of fresh air. It has solved 80% of my problems, selfie camera included. I want to develop a compatible app for android and ios so I don’t care that 70% of the web version doesn’t work. Many thanks to the Appgyver team for these improvements.


AppGyver Chief Product Officer here. Thanks for the candid feedback, we hear your frustration!

Getting the 2.x runtime released (going out very soon) has been an undertaking for our small team, but now that we’ve gotten it stable, it will speed up development and bugfixes. We’re very much here to stay and have got great things planned, in addition to stabilizing and improving the existing features.

Out of curiosity, what are the remaining 20% issues for you specifically? :slight_smile:


Thanks for your message, I really appreciate your team’s effort in this development phase. The 20% that is concerned, it may be 40% but I wanted to be positive :stuck_out_tongue: because it shows that there is a lot of hard work on your part, anyway I go on to detail some issues to improve:

Note: For my app I use firebase rest api to save data to Cloud Firestore and Storage for images and firebase Authentication.

1.- In case of Cloud Firestore, when I get the data (http request) and link them to a variable (integer), it does not keep the data type, for example: integerValue: 1 interprets it as string “1”. I have similar errors with booleans. This makes a simple conditional appVars.x == 1 not work.

2.- The “Set component Style” logic is in principle very useful, for example to change the background color of a button when it is pressed, but it cancels the dynamic color assigned in the background property if it is a formula. That is, if I change the color with “Set component Style” the background color assigned as formula: (ex: IF (IS_EQUAL (pageVars.x, 1), RGB (255,255,255), RGB (135, 135, 135)) will not work.

3.- the application completely does not work correctly on the web.

  • Bugs: almost nothing works,
  • the camera does not work,
  • file selection does not work,
  • does not show any calendar to select date,
  • does not open the pages in “Open page in bottom sheet”,
  • the authentication tells me security risk. I have seen that the security certificate is in the name of “” and about 30 aliases that make the web in the firebase hosting insecure.
  • Authentication doesn’t log in correctly either: “Dismiss initial view” shows me the login page again after login.
  • In my opinion, and especially being a small team, I would focus all my energy on apps for Android and iOS mobile systems. The web application is far from working well.
    4.- The navigation of the menu of my app behaves strangely, some pages are preloaded in the icon of others. Surely it is good to rethink the design and functionality of the menus.

5.- The new appgyver app for the test runs much slower and sometimes hangs (especially on Android but also on the iPhone)

6.-Using “Get all contacts” takes a long time to get the contacts (I have approx 300 contacts on my phone) and it is impossible for me to get the associated phone numbers. Inside the list object “contacts” they are in a list of objects called “phoneNumbers” (phoneNumbers: {label: “home”, number: “123456”}) inside contacts but I don’t know how to read them. Can you please tell me how to read the phone number? “contacts.givenName” works for the name.
I try “contacts.phoneNumbers.number” or “contacts.phoneNumbers [“number”]”, I have also tried to convert it to text and it always tells me [object Object]

a- In the documentation of your website (docs) I would like to find a couple of practical (most common) examples of the components, because each detail and variables are described very well but often the proper use or the best syntax is not clear. Something in the style of the Formula section in the composer that includes several examples that are very clear.
b- Add the http PATH method (update / insert) in REST API direct integration resource. (DATA menu)

About me: I am 43 years old and I have learned programming since I was 13 (BASIC and VISUAL BASIC in the old x86 computers, old old school, years later html, asp, php, java, CSS, MySQL, etc) By dedicating myself professionally mainly to graphic design I have given up programming years ago but I really like using no-code systems to develop tools. (app inventor, kodular, phprunner and similar)
The idea of having a platform for Android and iOS is ideal, as you already know after several years of growth in mobile technology, there are still no fast and reliable solutions to develop native apps for both systems at the same time without code code code code in several languages So Appgyver seems like a great idea to me.
After a couple of months studying and working with your composer pro I have found many advantages and I am eagerly awaiting the new updates that are greatly improving the stability and functionality of your system.

Sorry for my English. The main purpose of this message is to help. Every day I am a little more fan of your work.



I recommend using backendless or xano for authentication.

The dismiss flow function works fine for me. Example Logic:

Create Record (Login) => Set App Variable (authToken) => Set Item to Storage (authToken) => Dismiss Initial view.

The page logic would be something like:

Get Item from Storage (authToken) => Get Record => SetAppVariable (authToken)

Here is a link from backendless that shows you visual models

How to Integrate AppGyver With Backendless | Backendless

Here is a link showing you how to authenticate with Xano

Steve Stava - YouTube


so how’s your experience so far?
I am checking no-code platforms and looking for the most stable one but flexible enough to develop unique apps.
Are you still using appgyver despite its bugs?

Hi, yes, I continue working on my apps with appgyver, a few days ago they made an update (version 2.x) and now it has fewer Bugs. I trust that in a couple of months more improvements will come. I think it’s worth a try. In a couple of weeks I will publish my first big project, hopefully it works correctly, I have dedicated many hours of work and debugging due to the bugs of the previous version.

Hi Sergio,
I´m feeling exactly the same way you were on this post. Very frustrating experience (too good to be true). I´ve been studying Appgyver for the past month and, after a big investment in time and effort, I found myself doubting if my project (which is a simple one) can be released on the platform.

I really hope everything was ended in a good way for you, and if that´s the case I will appreciate an update from you. Just to see if it makes sense to keep going from here.

Best regards.


Hello, I understand the reasons for this message, I always have mixed feelings with Appgyver. Keep in mind that it is free and searching and searching the internet I have not found an alternative with the same quality. That said, I have managed to publish my app a few months ago, (it is an exclusive sports app for Spain) thanks to my work and patience, and to dedicate many hours to it, it works correctly. The last update and appgyver failures have delayed me in the implementation of my project, the broken builder has delayed me almost two weeks, but “luckily” with the pandemic everything is slower than normal. I have invested money in web promotion and marketing (@rankofypadel on instagram) and many times I am afraid that one day I will try to enter Appgyve and directly it does not exist. I feel that with other payment alternatives in the cloud I do not have many guarantees either so I am satisfied with going day by day. Anyway, I thank the Appgyver team very much for their work and the opportunity to have a system like this (More low-code than no-code), I feel that I have learned a lot about json, java, rest api, etc. Whatever happens, this learning will have been worth it.

Hi Sergio,

I feel the same, not specifically with AppGyver but with any designer in general.

Here’s the hard truth I had to face, no-code does not mean no-development; you still need to understand the logic behind. But thanks to platforms like AppGyver we have a no-code builder, a cross-platform previewer and a publisher. So these things really takes the weight off.
No code basically means, my app won’t crush because I forgot a comma or made a typo. Or I won’t need to write ten lines of code for a styling. I’m not even getting into the backend/integration.

About the fear of AppGyver vanishing one day; AppGyver has been acquired by SAP - that’s actually how I heard of this platform, as a more promising version of SAP Build (SAP’s own builder). For example, even though SAP Build is going for a sunset, it’ll exists for few more years so it’s never like one day vanishing out of existence if I know SAP.