Appgyver - QA processes & Android crash issue

Dear Appgyver team,

First of all, I really love your product and I think it is one of the best in the market for developing mobile apps + web solutions quickly.
However, the quality issues of the last weeks make it really hard to stick to it as I feel I spend more time on chasing Appgyver bugs than bugs in my application.
Latest issue: it looks like you released the Preview Apps with build 2.4.28 last week without proper testing, for me on iOS it does strange things and on Android it is crashing constantly after a few clicks. (is this why the build service is still on 2.4.26?)
Please get your QA processes under control, right now it is really hard to spread the word about the great service you are offering!

Thanks and best,

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additional info: Looks like it crashes with “Animated node with tag XXXX does not exists” at random places, maybe this is also an “older” raise condition which now appears more often on my side…unfortunately the App preview (and my compiled app) does not work at all anymore like this, it crashes after a few clicks (sometimes 1-2 clicks, sometimes 10…)
Any help on this would be really appreciated!
(Any no, I am not using Animate component anymore)

Google playstore review reports a slightly different issue: com.facebook.react.bridge.JSApplicationIllegalArgumentException: Attempting to disconnect view that has not been connected with the given animated node

I appreciate the feedback, and very sorry to hear about the issues. Nothing is quite as frustrating as trying to debug an underlying platform that you don’t have full control over.

We did test 2.4.28 of course – we have some 1300+ test cases for the client runtimes ATM and have not had any problems running real app development ourselves with that version – so it seems likely that your specific app unfortunately has some logic that results in a crash/issues not fully captured by our tests. We are constantly working on improving them, and we realize that anything but 100% flawless execution of available features is falling short.

The issue you mention is something that we’ve run into before – a particularly nasty one that arises from React Native level on certain configurations only (and IIRC only when running the app in production mode, i.e. if we connect the Android Studio / Xcode debugger the bug goes away).

If you can share exact consistent repro steps for the crash plus the devices it crashes on and if there’s any difference between standalone build and running via the Preview app, we’re happy to look into this further. Feel free to send me a DM if there’s e.g. login info.

Hi Harris,

I’m having the same problem I made a simple application just to validate the authentication with firebase using the existing template in appgyver.

To my surprise when I test both in appgyver preview and installing the app, I get the exact same error and the app crashes.

I’m doing a proof of concept to try to establish appgyver as a development platform in our company, but unfortunately I’m not able to move forward because of this error.

Can you tell me if there is already a solution for this problem?