AppGyver + Reddit + YouTube

Why is /r/AppGyver set to private? Does the team have control of the subreddit? If not what happened?

Why are there only 2 videos at YouTube, and everything at Vimeo? Isn’t that a lost free opportunity?

When I first found AG I tried to search for stuff about it on Reddit, and got very few results. Then I checked the YouTube channel for tutorials, and it had 2 videos total… I obviously thought oh shit, this isn’t for me… Am I really going to be able to learn everything from the docs?

But then I found the Vimeo channel and felt better, and then I found these forums and felt muchhhh better.

What if I’d just given up sooner though?

Oh also I saw this posted about someone starting out with Glide, thought it should be sent to the AG team

“I did start with trying out AppGyver, but right after signing up I hit a wall as I didn’t see templates or a really good entry/starting point so bailed on that instantly.”

Not sure how much to make of that though, since if they bailed then, surely they would have bailed at setting up their first connection etc.

Anyway just trying to be constructive. I think AG needs some more “evangelists” ie: people who champion the product out in public, make tutorials, add formulas, that kind of thing.

The way you’re going to get those kinds of people is by having an active subreddit, a youtube channel, a discord server to chat, those sorts of things. Forum for issues, tracker for bugs, but where is the community supposed to discuss?

Anyway great job, the software is so far ahead of the learning resources, and that’s not a bad place to be. :slight_smile:


Thank you for this! These are all (except maybe the reddit :thinking: I’ll have to ask someone to check what’s up with that) issues we are aware of, and are planning on working on by adding more tutorials and other resources. We also had a discussion about future tutorial material being included on YouTube, that’s being considered. Vimeo is currently used because it’s better for us to embed, and we will continue using it in the future, but there’s no reason I know of that the videos couldn’t also be on YouTube :smile: