AppGyver Remain Forever Free?

Will AppGyver remain forever free after SAP Acquisition?

I notice there is also an SAP AppGyver Version under SAP BTP and is under subscription.

What is the different between these 2 ?

As a free customer we haven’t signed a contract. So therefore the price could change tomorrow.

But every indication is that they won´t. Make your own decision, but unless you get a signed contract by a legal entity from SAP it means nothing.

Thanks for the input

We have every intention of keeping the community edition at free. Like @Phil_Evans said, there is no legal guarantee for that – but it’s one of the core drivers for the AppGyver team to provide a free development platform for everyone.

The SAP AppGyver BTP version is directed towards enterprises of a larger scale who want to integrate their SAP services into their AppGyver apps. Currently the difference is that the BTP version includes translation variables and release management, but there will be more enterprise-grade features and SAP integrations in the future.

Dear Mevi,

Glad to hear that the community version will remains. Technically AppGyver can call any API, so the boundary is limitless. No sure my assumption valid or not.

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