Appgyver roadmap questions

There are a few concerns of mine that I would like to ask the @appgyver team for clarification. The reason I’m asking this in the open forum is we truly love the platform and wish to go forward with it as our choosen platform of MVP. development. Also wanted to know if similar concerns are shared by the fellow forum members. Here are my concerns:

  1. Testing - I’m finding it difficult to create a seperate dev, test and prod versions of the app as there is no way to cloning projects. I can easily create different versions of backend but not the app. Any plans to address this? If yes, is there an ETA? Any other way to circumvent this at the moment?
  2. Version control - I can’t name a version in my own and preserve it. I don’t mind the limitations of the max no of version in free tier but badly need to name and preserve certain versions at will. Anyway to get this done with a request ticket? Even if there is a charge per back-up.

Solving the above problems can make me sure about taking the plunge. I’m halfway through with an app. It’s going great. But clarification on these are very important to take it further.

Thanks to the @appgyver team for making this a platform that I would hate to part with. Please show me a way to stick on.

Hey @Kaushik_Bhattacharya they have a roadmap tracker you can and vote for the issues

Already did that mate. No status on these yet. Asking as these are critical to go-no go decision of using Appgyver for our project. It would be nice to hear from the team about their thoughts going forward.

Good luck then! I have been asking about inapp payments and 3party pluggins for months lets see you of get any answer here :wink: