Appgyver Senior Developer (Project Based)

We are seeking an experienced Senior Appgyver Developer to join our team for a project-based role and help us build innovative mobile apps. The ideal candidate will have experience with Appgyver and a strong understanding of web & App technologies such as React Native, React, JavaScript, HTML, and Json.

About The Company:

Tellzer is a fully integrated digital agency that covers the 360 geometric axes of any digital-related presence of businesses, NGOs, media and governmental entities.

Job Type: Remotely - Project Based


  • Collaborate with the design and development team to understand the project requirements
  • Use Appgyver’s visual editor to design and develop mobile apps
  • Write custom JavaScript code to extend the functionality of the app
  • Test and debug the app on different devices and platforms
  • Publish the app to the App Store and Google Play
  • Continuously improve the app’s performance and usability
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies
  • Implement Firebase features such as authentication, real-time databases, cloud functions, and cloud storage
  • Implement security and data validation rules for the Firebase database


  • 2+ years of experience with Appgyver
  • Strong understanding of web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
  • Experience with mobile app development, including the ability to optimize for different devices and platforms
  • Strong understanding of mobile development (iOS, Android)
  • Strong problem-solving and debugging skills
  • Ability to work independently and in a team environment
  • Strong communication skills

If you are interested please send your Github and portfolio on

Further details will be elaborated in a virtual call.