AppGyver Slack - Community upgrade

Hello everyone,

I have seen that some people are creating Whatsapp groups and dealing with everything regarding AppGyver there. I think, that it’s a great idea, however, Whatsapp is not really the right option.

Therefore I have decided to create a Slack workspace for everyone.

You wanna share the app, you have created?
Need help from someone more experienced?
Do you have a bug that someone might have experienced and could give you a solution?

I know, we have a forum, however, some people are not available on the forum all the time and as it’s not real-time, you might have to wait for an answer for days or even weeks. I believe that this will change with Slack.

I hope that eventually some of the AppGyver members would be available too (if they want to be spammed hard, haha), but I believe that we have a strong community and we can create a real-time channel, that will be helpful for all of us.

Click to join!

Awesome idea! Joining right now!