Appgyver team, could you please fix it?

Hi, Appgyver team, could you please make your scroll bar a bit bigger. It is way too thin, every time I spend about 10 seconds just to get my cursor on it and scroll, it is very frustrating.
I think other people have the same problem. Thank you! :slight_smile:


fully support this request, same issue for me if i work on laptop (windows/chrome) without external monitor.


It’s supposed to be aesthetically pleasing, but of course, it’s just dysfunctional.

Hi! Thanks for letting us know, I forwarded this request onward :slight_smile:

Hi, Mevi.

Well, actually I have repaired my two finger scroll on Touchpad and it doesn’t bother me anymore.
So I don’t want to distract you guys from developing support of Custom React Native / React web plugins, which we’ve been really waiting for :slight_smile:


hi aaa_ffff,
How to fix this problem? thanks if you could reply.