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Hello all,

When I make apps I try to make youtube tutorials for them on my channel (Tyler Talks - YouTube). I have over 50 videos in my Appgyver Tutorials playlist, and wanted to ask if anyone has any specific functionality or use cases they would like to see designed in a video?

Additionally, I recently made a website ( where i’m trying to share some knowlege and prebuilt Appgyver applications. My goal is to have a few free as well as some very affordable prebuilt apps that require minimal modifications for users to implement themselves. They can import the file, update data resources, and then publish! I wanted to ask if there are any apps either you dont know how to make or dont have the time to make that you see value in having as a “template”?

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So you’re the man behind the Tyler talk channel… the masks are falling off huh?! :wink:

I feel many of us would love a template with built in OpenAI / chatGPT integration.

What do you say?

I have been following you on YouTube (Tyler Talks) since April 12, 2022 with another Google account. I have watched many of your videos, I enjoy learning and find them very helpful. Keep up the good work, AppGyver needs many videos and we know that editing them is not easy. You do a great job and thank you very much for your contribution, you have helped me a lot with various topics and in the beginning of AppGyver. I also want to thank the entire community and administrators who helped me in my learning about the platform. Without you, I would not have understood it more thoroughly.

I agree with what @Fred_Kuzyk says. That would be great!


Thank you for the kind words! I made the video and will post it here.

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Done! You had to pick an easy (cough cough) one didn’t you…This covers the basics, I see you posted in a similar forum so I made a video covering a way to interact with the api (video below).

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Thanks tons! We are grateful for your dedication and responsiveness.

I will dig deeper and may get back to you with questions if you don’t mind.

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I would be happy to help!

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Thank you very much for your valuable contribution, congratulations! :tada::tada::tada:

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