Appgyver URL generator


I have an NPC app where the client can add users (name, profile pic, social media links,…). The app will essentialy generate a landing page for the user with all his info and social media links. Now every user will have his won unique link for his landing page. I have already built the app and a domain but I have no clue how to add this functionality where a public link can refer to the users landing page in Appgyver. Can someone help me with this use case?

I think it will depend on what you’re looking to accomplish. If you are looking to make unique urls it’s going to be a little bit trickier. I made a video on how To make a qr Is code generator which is very similar in nature (below). One option to consider is to create a code tyat stores the users name (or identifier for their page), and when someone accesses that they are directed to the right lovation. In the video below i doscuss a similar use case, except using a qr code. It sounds like you need to do something similar, but with a url. I have a video on youtube which is about making a simple sharing app which allows users to share user names which link to their custom page.

I may be able to provide more insight if you describe what information needs to be correlated with the url and if you expect unique urls for each page, or just a way to access each page within the app (example a selected user page which loads all user data for a selected user).

Video on qr codes: Build A QR Code Maker And Scanner App For Free Without Code - SAP Build Apps (Appgyver) - YouTube

Video on the simple sharing app: Simple Sharing App Demo - Get Your Own App To Let Users Share Their Own Custom Pages! - YouTube