Appgyver uses so much memory just to try to upload a video it causes app to crash every time - discovered it uses way too much memory just to run the app

App which has been fine for months now consumes so much memory trying to upload a short video it crashes the app. Tested on multiple devices, binary build. After measuring, discovered the app uses ten times as much memory as any app on phone even when no data is queried, just running. Why does appgyver consume so much memory? If this is not addressed it makes it a non-viable solution.


How large is the app, in terms of files size (and number of pages - out of curiosity)?

Very large for only 5 screens. 58 mb

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It is correct, the truth is that the files are very large when it comes to compiling, even with 2 screens. Here they talk a little bit about why the builds are so heavy: Android Builds