Appgyver with Backendless

I have just completed an excellent tutorial marrying appgyver with backendless. It went well except for one thing, can you suggest a solution please.
In the 3rd section of the tutorial, when configuring the Create Record for a Person table, ‘objectid’ is entered in the ‘Response Key Path’. Therefore the objectid should be returned when a Test is done to add a Person record. In my Test, the record does add (I can see this in backendless) and the status is returned as ok, but the objectid is not returned. Is there some setting that I need to know?

Screen dumps as follows (hopefully you can get a clue and can advise)

NOTE - I have included the results of a Get (which works) so you can see the structure of the table in Backendless.

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Found the problem, hopefully I have wasted anyones time

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