Appgyver with Bubble

Has anyone experimented with using Bubble as the backend for their app, with Appgyver as their frontend? If so, has it worked smoothly? Bubble certainly has a lot of features and potential, but I’m uncertain of it when it comes to speed.

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I’m thinking about implementing a very light API specific to our business partners on Bubble and using Airtable as a common data store for the front end tools I’m tinkering with here. If we ever hit such loads that Bubble performance was an issue, I’m sure we could rebuild if need be.

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I came across recently - don’t think it’s fully live yet, but it looks promising as a back-end platform

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Looking here as well, although they are still a month or so away:

I just started to test connection with Bubble but for now, I can see that you can load data from the Bubble app through API. Will check what about authentication.

Hi @Wojtek,

Very interesting about your experience with Bubble ! All my MVP is build with Bubble and I’m looking for a mobile display with native functionnalities. Did you achieve to authentificate and load data ? What do you think about performances and security so far ?

I wonder also if you can trigger som actions like, schedule a notification from Bubble to AppGyver, easily ?

Thanks a lot for your answer,


Hi, just started so I won’t give you much feedback. Data exchange and authentication works (more about this [ Tutorial ] How to setup 3rd-Party Authentication (using Bubble as an example backend)).

You can connect to your data and backend workflows in bubble so probably most of functionality for basic app will work.

I will try to give some more feedback in future after some more testing.

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Awesome ! It’s a pretty good start,

Thanks for your answer and will follow with interest all updates related to this thread :slight_smile:

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