Appgyver with

Has anyone tried making an app on Appgyver, using as the backend? It seems to be the most comprehensive nocode backend tool available.

Haven’t used it myself, but from a quick glance, should be a great fit for Composer! Let us know if you end up using it!

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Hello Miraje_M,

I am taking a look at right now and I’d like to try it out for registration on my app.
However, I am not a developer or any other tech person.

Would you be able to explain me how to connect my appgyver app to my busywork?
Consider me as a small child who has no idea about how to hold a pen in his hands.

THank you very much!

Hi Dias, I haven’t tried it myself yet but they connect through HTTP requests, so you’re able to connect with Appgyver.

I recommend you go through their documentation and tutorials to understand how to build your backend, and how to connect it to your frontend (Appgyver). If you have any questions you could DM Busywork or their founder through their Twitter pages:

Good luck!

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