Appgyver with OneSignal


Is there by any chance a tutorial on how to use Onesignal with Appgyver??


Hi! Not that I’m aware of, I’m afraid :frowning:


I followed their documentation and have been able to successfully register a device through the API (direct link: Add a device).

However, even though I have the device registered, and I am using the deployed app on android (not appgyver’s preview app), no notifications are showing up. I’m sending them through OneSignal’s dashboard and they are said to have been delivered.

Would you have any idea as to why this might be happening, @Mevi ? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance.


Hmm, I know there are some issues with push notification events, but these don’t affect receiving the notification in general.

So not sure, but some wild guesses – have you checked that the app url scheme matches with what you have configured in OneSignal?


I am also thinking of using OneSignal for push notifications as it can be used in combination with the backend.

@Ruy_Mello have you succeeded in setting this up? Would be super interesting if you could post some tips or steps how you did it.

Thank you!