AppGyver with unstable platform!

Hi devs!! I

Wanted to hear from the community if they are experiencing the same problems I’ve been facing lately on the AppGyver platform. In recent weeks I have noticed a lot of slowness on the platform, recording failures and a lot of instability. In the AppGyver Preview app for Android, crashes, errors and sudden exits are constant. I tried to install in the virtual environment of Android Studio but the app installs but does not run. Anyway, I invested a lot of time to learn and develop on the platform over the past 3 months and now I am faced with these issues.

Please tell me: What’s going on?
with the word SAP and the AppGyver community.

I can’t even get my iOS app to access any settings or request notifications or even appear in App Library as an installed app. Plus really weird stuff going on such as icons changing and just crazy stuff. Definitely not out of beta

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