AppGyver zip files for web create a mess

I have a test web build, which has such adress:
Also I upladed the zip-file on my hosting and unzipped it: AppGyver

The difference is huge. Just run both sites. The second site (from zipped files) isn’t working. The button can not be pressed. AppGyver cloud is not accessible. The styles are not working.

Have no idea. Shouldn’t I use downloadable files at all?

Hi Artem,

I encounter the issue, web export to zip file creates a corrupted web app with no styles. All functionality is broken.
Did you get any response or resolution?

AppGyver really looks great but the ability to export is crucial.
Appreciate any help…


Hi! No, I haven’t receive any feedback. Unfortunately, bug fixing in AppGyver is awful and long going process. I reportaed a broken flow item “Unfocus”, it was noted by the staff and nothing followed