Appgyverrn:// not working?

Hi, The preview app “suggest” me to use the SAP AppGyver Preview.
Now, the URI appgyverrn:// is no working.
Any comments?



Thanks for catching this! Where in the preview app do you see the suggestion?

Cecilia, I’m not understanding you question.
I am trying the app calling from API ia URI, and using the appgiverrn:// just doesn´t work.

Oh sorry I misunderstood your post completely! Can you explain a bit more, so you have a REST API in your data resources that is using appgiverrn:// in the base url or as a parameter? And it works in composer just fine when you do a test run but not in the preview app?

Cecilia, I couldn’t explain better.
Quite simple, when I call appgyverrn:// in order to open the app externally, with the new SAP Preview app, it doesn’t work. Also, If I a compiled app, it opens the one installed instead of the previewer (this topic App build with custom url scheme still recognizess appgyverrn)


@Cecilia I’m having the same issue. I can try to explain my situation. I’m using Auth0 for authentication. Our app has not been built/distributed, so all operating in the previewer. When I open our app in the previewer, our welcome screen appears. In the welcome screen, you click a button called “login” which redirects to an auth0 login page in a browser. Then you enter your login information and then you are supposed to be redirected back to the app (the previewer) using ‘appgyverrn://auth?code=xxxxxx?asd=1’. This previously worked flawlessly in the old previewer. But now the browser isn’t redirecting back into the app/previewer.

I think the question is, what is the new redirect URI for the new SAP Previewer app?


Sorry for the delay in reply, the new redirect URI in the SAP Preview app is sapappgyver://

This should’ve been communicated on our part to avoid any confusion, hope this helps!

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Great Cecilia!!!
Works perfectly.

Thank you very much

@Cecilia there is a bug in version 3.0.5. If i set a custom url schema as for example “pippo”, in my apk built up url schema is always appgyvernn. In app preview as you said the url schema is now sappgyvernn (s stands for sap).
Are u aware of this bug?

Thank you! This works!

Hey @Munus

So you have set the URL scheme in the bundle settings as pippo, pressed save, but when built the app’s URL scheme is still sappvyernn ? Thanks for catching this, I’ll let our team know!

Hi everyone,

I am new to the OAuth 2.0 proceedure. I would like to use a Google Cloud Platform API where I need to enter the callback URI. How would I create that url for my mobile application in the SAP Build Apps Previewer IOS App? What I have understood from the posts above is to use sapappgyver://. But doesnt it need to start like this: https:// … sapappgyver:// … .com? Please give me a hint how to build the callback URI.

It would be really great if there would be more assistance from SAP Build Apps if there would be a guidance on how to integrate an OAuath2.0 API e.g. Google Cloud Platform in AppGyver.

Kind regards