Appgyver's security informations

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My clients are very happy with what we can do with Appgyver but are wondering what are the security level of Appgyver for their datas.
For example they are wondering :question:

-What SOC level has Appgyver ?
-Does Appgyver has ISO certifications ?
-Are there functionalities to manage touchy informations like medical ones…

I can’t find anything about that.
Is there an Appgyver documentation about those security subjects ?

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Jean-Baptiste, Appgyver user

As far as I know, AppGyver is just a plataforma to build an app with no code, no data being stored on or going through AppGyver servers. As about data security it will only depend how you program your app and the backend you choose to work with, unless you choose to store your data at AppGyver’s servers.

Is it even possible to store data on AppGyver’s servers? I thought that limited option was discontinued recently.

Hello again.

I agree that some security is due to the data server provider, another security due to the developer using Appgyver/Composer but there’s necessarily some security due to Appgyver. It is even said in the Appgyver documentation that :
"As no-code developers we benefit from Composer Pro having robust platform security which means many security issues are taken care of to begin with. "
…except that it is never said what security issues ^^
If you have further information, i’d like to know !

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Your apps’ “source code” is sitting on the the AppGyver servers. If your AppGyvers’ account was somehow breached then a malicious hacker could access and change your data with the same scope that your app can.