Apple app store upload error

I am very new to making/distributing IOS apps and running into an error trying to upload to Apple app store…

When I try to upload my iOS ipa file (using Transporter) it errors saying is an Arm64 executable, instead of IOS. Is there some configuration setting im missing or setting wrong when building the app, or in the .p12 certificate or the provisioning profile that would cause this?

Here is the exact error:

ERROR ITMS-90700: “Incorrect Platform. You included arm64 executable “” in your ios bundle. Only ios executables can be included.”

Please help. Thanks!

Can you share your app ID so we could take a look at the build logs? Seems like a strange issue.

Build 195530: Lighthouse Connect

I notice in the info.plist file (in the ipa bundle) there is an “arm64” string in there… if that’s helpful

Chatted with the native team, and we haven’t run into this error before – the first hunch is the lonely react-native-webview-bridge plugin which should not be required. Can you remove that and retry the build?

I actually encountered this problem without the webview bridge initially. I added webview bridge thinking it might have been needed with the webview plugin i use to display websites.

Could it be the webview plugin itself? Does it link to arm64 libraries or something? Im really curious why “arm64” can be seen in the info.plist file. Something in the build must be linking a dependency to it(?)

Ive googled this error and see its not just me. It can be caused by some extensions or plugins. Some people fixed it adjusting build settings in xcode.

We’ll try to dig deeper into this, it’s very weird. I’ll keep you posted.

Ok thanks. Let me know. From my digging into this it does appear that there is a 64 bit code slice in the executable. The info.plist key: UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities contains “arm64” to reflect this. Im not sure why this is being rejected by Transporter or Apple store though. I submitted a tech support ticket to them about it. Hopefully they will give me more info.

Im reading that some people had to change their target-build versions to either generioc ios, or armv7 + arm64 .

Other solution i came across for compiling with Xcode that “the flag ‘Build Active Architecture Only’ is set to false”

Another developer reported: “I solved this issue by making sure all of the build targets in my project were built for the same iOS Deployment Target.
We added an extension in our app and it defaulted this value to iOS 12 whereas the rest of our app was configured for iOS 10. Regardless of the valid architectures field in the build settings, the extension was only being built with 64-bit support, but the rest was being built with both 32-bit and 64-bit.
After making this change, I ran lipo -archs on the extension to validate that it was built for both arm64 and armv7.”

Maybe this info could help point the developers in the right direction, because it seems this is an issue in the build settings.

Thanks for the RND; I’ve forwarded this to our native devs and we’ll try to get to the bottom of this ASAP.

I really hope this gets fixed, i cant upload at all to the apple store.

Sorry for the delays here, haven’t forgotten about this!

We were trying to reproduce this, but currently your iOS builds for that app give an error about the uploaded provisioning profile’s bundle ID being mismatched with the bundle ID configured in the Build Service for the app. Did you change something there?

If you drop us a mail at, we can discuss the exact error message, don’t want to post your bundle ID or other configs here.

Yes, I apologize I did change the bundle ID temporarily (i use a different ID for the Android version) . I have changed it back correctly now to the iOS ID. If you would please re-test it again I would appreciate you so much. Thanks!

Please let me know the status of this. Ive done everything I can think of to get this uploaded to Apple Store, it just wont get past this arm64 error

Investigating this now, this is literally the only app we’ve seen that has this error… One thing we found is that at least the plugins


should not be needed, so we’re checking if removing them helps.

I had originally NOT had them in there, so i put them in to see if they were needed. I took them out just now. Thanks for your help!

So we set up a client app submission pipeline to try and replicate the issue (since it’s only present when sending the app to App Store), but could not replicate it anymore with latest client runtime. We should have the new runtime version buildable via Build Service very soon, so you can try it again then; I’ll ping here. So sorry for the hassle!

@JOHN_WORSHAM I enabled 1.9.2-beta1 build target in Build Service, can you try building your app again with that (and no unnecessary extra plugins) and seeing if it makes a difference?