Apple Build App Variable Issue

I have built a .ipa of my app, and installed a test version via TestFlight onto iOS Devices. For some reason on the TestFlight test it’s not replicating fonts, app variables or firestore records.

In Appgyver preview, everything works as should

I have figured that Page Variables work fine, but App Variables don’t. Would anyone happen to know the reason for this?

Done some further digging, issue only happens on apple build, not web

I guess I’m not the only who is using AppVars in all builds without any issues. You might want to be a better more specific in what doesn’t work with AppVars.

I have a couple of text AppVars that print first name on the dashboard of the app, and other information and they’re basically not working on iOS in TestFlight. Not tried full build yet, as I don’t trust it would work.

Works on web fine and in Appgyver preview app.

The text areas for print are both appVars through direct bond and through formulas. Just can’t get my head around it

Could the problem be in reading the value from a resource before it is assigned to AppVar? Do you read it from an API call or local resource?

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It’s just data from within the firestore database, I am currently testing the flow with as many toasts as possible to find where it is failing :slight_smile:

I ahve found it’s getting through this flow successfully, but not actually printing the AppVar I don’t really know what to do here

I’m still not sure if the problem is with AppVars or generally with binding between FB output and AppVar. Did you test with let’s say PageVar? Does it work then? What’s your formula for binding email field from FB object into AppVar?