Apple In App Purchase for Zoom

Our app contains zoom links for users to join virtual meetings. We are submitted our app on Apple’s App connect and it was rejected. One of the reasons was because we did not include the in app purchase for zoom. I am not sure how to address this. Any recommendations? Thank you all for your help!

We came across this information:
Will this in any way help with Apple accepting the Zoom in-app purchase.
@Harri_Sarsa , @Mevi, fellow developers, would this help? If so, how could this be implemented?

We don’t support in-app purchases :disappointed_relieved: It’s a feature that has been requested but that we are unable to offer at this point. So my recommendation would be to use something else than Zoom for your app, if it really is so that the usage of Zoom requires an in-app purchase.

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Mevi, I’m still a bit far from performing financial procedures within my application (buying and selling), but I ask:

Are there any plans AppGyver has to implement support for purchases?

How about checking if the user already has zoom, and only displaying the link if they do? Therefore you are not leading anyone down a path where a purchase might be necessary. Also have a disclaimer that you do not provide Zoom - unless of course you do?

Thank you @Mevi . Do you have any one to many video conference recommendations that would not require an in-app purchase?
Thanks again for all your help!

Thank you @Phil_Evans for the recommendation. We do need Zoom for all our users for live/real time meetings. The problem is Apple doesn’t like going outside the app without having in-app purchases integrated into the app

Yes, I understand the Apple requirements. But they don´t have an issue with say popping a google map or a browser (I believe). They just don´t like the idea of a purchase being made outside the App, unless its for a physical product in which case they insist you do it outside. So working from that point of view find a way to package it so that they see it clearly for what it is.

Thank you @Phil_Evans . Will give it a try

@Leo_Sussuarana we’re looking into enabling in-app purchases with third party plugin support, but that is still a big “if”. If you need certainty that you will be able to do those within a short timeframe, you might be better off on another platform as I can’t offer any certainty whether or not we will be able to support it soon or if it’s still further down the line.

@nP_Dev I’m afraid I’m unfamiliar with video conference plugins/sdks… I hope you’re able to find something!


Gratitude MEVI.

I appreciate your response and your sincerity.

I will remain loyal to AppGyver as I believe it is the best platform on the market.

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Thank you @Mevi for the update and your help!

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Phil - Thanks for the idea. The question is how do we check if Zoom is installed via the Appgyver logic? I don’t see any system variables that would expose that information or allow us to interrogate the device. Do you know of a way?

I would go with a simple pop-up alert to the user, asking them to confirm they had a Zoom licence. If they don´t then don´t show the link, then you can´t be accused by Apple of trying to get Zoom sales.