Apple Push Notification permissions request being rejected

When requesting permission for Push Notifications on Apple I saw on here a dialog pops up that says something along the lines of “Push Notifications are required for this app to function…”

That message wording is causing Apple to reject the app. So I checked where we set the permissions Usage Strings in the Apple configuration where i expected to hopefully fix this, and curiously could not find a permission string section for Push Notifications.

Please add this Usage string to the current list or fix this to say anything else except “required”. Push Notifications are always optional.


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I guess what Im gonna do then is check if == “ios” and if so pop up an alert dialog that says “To enable Push Notifications please allow permission in app settings…” and then do a ‘Open Settings’ flow function for the user to set that there. Instead of using that ‘Request Notification Permission’ flow function. I don’t know of another way to get around it for now until a fix comes along.


This worked. Apple just published my app

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I guess this message is updated, now i see “This app needs you to authorize notifications in order to work” message