Application error: a client-side exception has occurred

I have an issue when trying to open a page with a datefield and a dropdown.
It is very simple but somehow those components crash the webapp.
It works perfectly on the preview app on my phone but when I switch to a web build I get an error:

Hmm. Well, let’s try to debug this issue to get to the bottom of it – if you set the visibility of both datefield and dropdown to false, does the error disappear? If yes, then you can set one of them back to visible and see which one is causing the error, then look at its properties and what might be off. If no, something else on the page is crashing it, so try disassembling it until you get to a version that works and then work your way up to finding which part is crashing the page, so it can be reported as a bug and/or fixed :slight_smile: