Apply a font on final build

Just a quick tip I’ve found after experimenting with fonts.
As of April 2022, there’s a bug when uploading customs fonts, the final build doesn’t read properly the font.
The fix: when importing the font, you have to change the weight other than 400.


great job @Edvin_Rushitaj

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Thnx Dimo.
@Mari maybe you can confirm this is definitely a bug? Or is it just user specific?

You are right. That happened to me last week and I noticed that anomaly, I changed it to one that was already in AppGyver by default to “Poppins”. That means that with the default ones there are no problems, but with the imported ones if there is an anomaly with the normal 400 font (I clarify: With the Android compilation I get that error, I don’t know with iOS).

Hi @Edvin_Rushitaj, this is not something that we have come across, so it’s hard to say whether it would be user specific, but definitely seems like a bug. I created a ticket in the Tracker on your behalf:

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