Apply changes to camera settings

Is there a way to add custom javascript to modify the basic camera settings, specifically for the record video function? I would like to: edit the style and position of the stop, start, and cancel buttons, and also give users the option to use forward facing camera. I added this as a request in the feature request board but wondering if it’s possible to do by adding custom javascript.

Unfortunately not yet – this will be definitely possible with but we might see if we can increase the configurability even before that.

@Harri_Sarsa I now also got the feedback from end users that the camera button is too small (esp. on iPad). Are there configuration options available now to adjust the camera button style?

Still not, unfortunately – hope to get to being able to open up the customization options soon!

I’m having similar issues to others in this thread. Also, on iPhone XR, the cancel button is mostly hidden behind the time in the top left and is hard to press. The same is true for the torch button on the top right. See here:

Customising button size and content is a must to make this work for our users :slight_smile:

How far away is this do you think?

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Customizing these things is still a way off, and would likely only become available through third party plugins, as Harri stated above.

However, the buttons being overlapped by the status bar is a legit bug. Thanks for reporting it, I created a ticket for it here!