Approximate Location

Hello everybody,
I would like to show on a map approximate locations, instead of the precise ones. Can Backendless manage approximate locations? Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance!

Backendless can handle approximate locations in several ways. One option is to use the “geoWithinCenter” function to search for objects within a radius around a given location. You can also use the “geoWithinBox” function to search for objects within a rectangular area instead of a circle.

In addition, Backendless offers a “Reverse Geocoding” function that can convert an address into an approximate location in coordinates. This allows you to search for objects near a specific address rather than having to provide exact coordinates.

It all depends on searching for tutorials on setting up and implementing, because for that setup it is good to have video.

Thank you for the suggestion! Can I use the "geoWithinCenter” to display my approximate location? e.g., to display, instead of a location marker, just a circle with a certain radius (representing my location with an approximation of 1-2 miles)

Yes, that’s correct. The “geoWithinCenter” allows you to perform a search on a data table to find all objects within a specific radius from a specific central point. For example, if you have a data table that stores addresses and geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude), you can use the “geoWithinCenter” operator to find all addresses that are within a 10 mile radius of a specific central point. This would include the 1-2 mile approximations that represent your location.

Thanks for the info!