Apps build with 2.10.2 still crashing

Hi Appgyver,

The new build update 2.10.2 is still crashing apps when used. I can see you have also removed 2.8.33 option so at the moment I cannot build my app.

Please help.



Same with me
i build with 2.10.2 and doesn’t show anything after i uloaded to my server… subdomain from appgyver : also not showing anything

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Same here…
Just the day I was ready to roll out a new version.

Please make the 2.8 available again

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Does anyone know if there has been a fix to this issue yet?


@Dan have you found the fix of the crash ?

Hi @Aayush_Garg
Sadly I haven’t hard anything from Appgyver so I don’t know if the issue has been fixed. :slightly_frowning_face:

Still stuck.

The android build crash on opening.

And the IOS build is never delivered! Each time I get an error : “Unknown error, contact support for more details” :expressionless:

Same issue here. Android app crashing on startup.

Same issue here. Android app crashing on startup.

Looks like it’s happening for everyone both on IOS and Android. The app crashes on start up.

There doesn’t seem to be a solution yet. I have tried to contact Appgyver but no response.

Same here! crashing on load , any updates?

Same with me. The app crashes the moment it is going to be opened.
Is there something to do?

Same here. Crashes almost immediately after splashscreen

@Izzuddin_Yussof did you find any fix for this because my build is also crashing

Unfortunately no. I believe nothing we can do on our part other than making sure this post always appears at the top of the forum. We can only wait for AppGyver to fix the bug.

Still no updates here?

Sadly no update. Would have been nice to hear from Appgyver.

There wont likely be any updates over the weekend. They don’t return to work until Monday.

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I agree John, we won’t hear anything before Monday.
I did, however, send the message around midday Thursday European time. So an acknowledge or quick message either Thursday or Friday would have been appreciated. I did spend a very long time thinking I was suddenly doing something wrong.


Yes, problem reproduced in android 8 and 10 using either the apk or the android bundle (aap). The webapp seems to not have been affected.

Please leave your comment in the bug report concerning this splash-screen crashing issue with build version 2.10.2 >>>>> 2.10.2 The application close when starting. | Voters | AppGyver

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