Apps Launched - feedback welcome

Hi everyone,

Happy to announce the latest version launch of my event listing apps made in AppGyver.

iOS: ‎Tickets Ibiza on the App Store

All feedback is welcome!

Changes since last update:-

  • Switched from directly calling the Firebase API to AppGyver’s Firebase Integration
  • Users can now save events (uses LocalStorage)
  • Individual events include 3rd party Accommodation options for the given event date (iFrames)
  • Individual events show Related Events where more than one event exists

I noticed the Firebase Integration comes with some basic Firebase Analytics tracking. As a suggestion, it would be great to add some tracking here such as naming screens and custom events.


Hello, very cool !
Do you only use firebase as back db ?

Kind regards

thanks @Florent_Julien !

Yes it’s just Firebase for the DB.

Congratulations, very cool app, very well developed.

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Thanks a lot Leo, that’s much appreciated.

Cool app! The only feedback I want to give is the dark theme. Of course it’s about the clubs during the night but i would expect a little more color when thinking about Ibiza.

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Did some extra testing:

  • Pressing the calendar button opens the calendar twice
  • Load more button gives no feedback when pressing it. After pressing it twice i get the message: No more events to load.
  • After the No more events to load is shown it never gets back to load more (what i expect when changing pages)
  • Buy tickets page only fills half the screen (height of view must be 100% I guess)
  • View map in Club details brings me to the clubs maps page but not to a actual map. It’s confusing.
  • Contact us page fills half the screen (like buy tickets)
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Hi @Lucas_Bonsel , thanks so much for the detailed feedback, it’s very useful.

Can I ask what device you’re on? I did not notice the half page web view issue on iPhones, but it does seem to be the case on some Android phones.

I am on Android. I think you can fix this in the height (min/max etc)

I find it really amazing and slick design wise. Good job!
The only issue I can see that I experience myself with Appgyver too is weird rendering (you can see it too - no results appears before results etc). I have never managed to fix it and along with other limitations it made me switch to expo cli with react native. To be honest I am struggling to understand who is the target group for appgyver given the app is quite complex so you need to understand a lot regarding front and back communication, UI and data structure which makes switching to coding like 0 extra effort (maybe a week or two max). Then you can make really professionally behaving apps with better performance and zero limitations and any sdk you want. The funniest thing, code is much faster because you can resuse components a lot!

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Really well designed app, not a party-goer myself, however this is very-well developed that I am sure it will be very useful, not only to helping bring in commission, but increase tourism in Ibiza after a travel-industry hit hard by Covid-19. Well done mate :slight_smile:

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only just saw this now, thanks a lot!