Apps not loading with 2.6.0 Previewer App

None of my apps will open with the 2.6.0 Preview App on Android. It just does a forever spinner screen…


same here. i tried clearing storage and cache and it still spins

I rolled back to 2.5.12 and still have the same problem :frowning:
Maybe this is appgyver’s way of telling me to stop messing around with my app, and get back to work :slight_smile:

Bumping this so it gets attention

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bug report.

please upvote.

i tried again this morning with each setting enabled or disabled. still no dice.

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Same here… Not working…

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i used the appgyver legend app and was able to access my apps <3

it doesn’t get things displayed exactly right but it is better than nothing.

not displayed exactly right was a huge understatement. it seems like anything with a formula or logic flow will not work in legacy.

not much I can do I guess. Hopefully on Monday the devs can sort this out.

So far I have tried on two phone running android 11, and i get the forever spin. I dug out another phone that I hadn’t updated to 11 yet. That one is running 2.4.28 and it works. Not updating the phone or the app until this gets fixed.
@JOHN_WORSHAM , if you google Appgyver 2.4.28 apk you should be able to find a download link to rollback - maybe that will work on your system until the devs can get things working agian.

For me it worked after I rolled back the preview app to “stable”.
However, in case you have turned on the page property “Show spinner on page load” - it keeps on spinning regardless of which version I am on.

Ok thanks. Will try that

Well… 2.6.0 is working fine for me now. I didnt change anything. It just works now for some reason.

But my screen display is all messed up…

All of the screens on all of my apps are now displaying wrong and very messed up. I guess I need to find a previous .apk somewhere :rage: :rage: :rage:

So this is what this screen looks like in Composer:

And this is what it looks like on the android 2.6.0 Preview App:

The “Nav Bar” at the bottom is actually a Row Component i created to use rather than the default Nav Bar. It should be stretching the width of the screen like it shows in Composer. And I dont know what’s happening with my Scroll View of Containers with images above getting overlayed and mashed together.

after further inspection => It seems as if the ‘Contain’ value for Images no longer works, causing the images to appear zoomed-in, and behaving more like ‘Cover’. Fixing this to ‘Contain’ would fix half of my problems. The Row container not stretching the width of the screen is something I cannot figure out yet.

My App ID is: 204685
Please investigate and fix this!

And more strangeness with Buttons and Container borders:
Composer Pro (what it was designed to look like):

What it looks like on the phone in 2.6.0:

Hey @JOHN_WORSHAM @mac @Unver , I am deeply sorry about the downtime with 2.6.0. :persevere:

2.6.0 is still a beta release, and there are few regressions which are being worked on, like the alignments reported above, also few image related issues - both of these will be fixed in the next beta release.

I understand, but what messed me up is that Google Play Store Auto-Updated my Preview App to this new version without my consent. So it actually forced me to into this upgrade, and I dont have a good way to roll-back that I know of. :frowning:

Yeah, the google beta program does not have any good way of getting back to the older/stable versions, but the auto-update functionality can be turned off from the AppGyver google play store page. One tedious way of “rolling back” the version is to leave the beta program, then installing the stable version, and after that joining the program again.

How do you leave the Beta program?