Apps with Recycler view is not opening at all?

Apps with Recycler view is not opening with appgyver preview android app? Any idea why?

Hi! Are you using some 2.X version of the preview? Any older version does not support recycler view at all.

Yes. version 2.4.16 ?

Ok then let’s check the configuration :sweat_smile:

The structure of the recycler view should be:

Recycler View (not repeated)
      Container (repeated)

There can only be one repeating item inside.

Other configurations I have in one working example:

If all this looks like what you have in your app, check that it’s really the recycler view causing the problem by either removing the recycler view from the page(s) or removing the page(s) with the recycler view from the navigation.

Unfortunatelly, my old project is not opening but I have started to build new one and this one is working… By the way any tap on any item inside of the recycler list responds very slow? Any idea why?

Hmm, what are you doing on the tap? I haven’t noticed that yet, but I haven’t been using the recycler view much :thinking:

I just want to put a like button in it. So when I click icon, I would like to change its image… Set component property doesnt work that’s why I tried hide and show instead. Unfortunatelly after tap, hide and show process takes 3-4 seconds…

Hey @Unver,

this is a known issue and it’s currently being worked on, if you have content that is not repeating inside a recycler, the app wont open at all in preview. You can fix this by setting the container/component that is inside the recycler to be repeating. I.e if you have recycler and a container that is not repeating inside of that, the app won’t open.

And for the slowness, I will investigate that, but it might take a while before I can get to that!

Ok thanks a lot. One final question. Client side storage is not working? Is this because of new runtime?

What do you mean by ‘Client side storage is not working’? Might have been something temporary, since in my app it works. :thinking:

Working now thank you.

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