AR wearables - app development

Hi; I just joined Appgyver, so Hi Everybody, first of all, and thanks in advance for any response.
I’d like to develop no-code/low-code Android apps (nothing fancy: some checklists and forms, to help me on the job); however I do have a specific use case, which involves AR smart-glasses (such as the Vuzix m300xl). Those devices are Android based in terms of OS, and come with their SDKs/APIs.
Since I’m not an expert in mobile app development (I’ve started learning mobile development and JavaScript, but ain’t quite there yet…) I’d like to know if it’d be possible to integrate those SDKs/APIs in to Appgyver, and, if yes, where’s some documentation (I’ve done some research, but haven’t found anything).
Thanks a lot

Hi! That sounds really interesting!

To me it sounds like those APIs/SDKs would have to be integrated on our side, unfortunately, unless a third party plugin for React Native could manage that, which would then be available once we have support for 3rd party plugins later this year hopefully.

In any case, you could make a feature request for this!

Hi Mevi,
What would be the way to integrate the specific APIs/SDKs on your side: I’m guessing I should provide you with the libraries, right? If thatś the case I can send you further details (access to Vuzix developer resources requires a free registration, so I can send you information via PM, or you can easily and freely register).
Let me know

The best would actually be making a feature request via the link above, so we could gauge how much there would be demand for these APIs/SDKs specifically :sweat_smile:

Hey Mevi; I’ve made a feature request…it doesn’t look there’s a lot of demand for this stuff at the moment… :innocent:

Welllll, we will see how things develop :relaxed: