Are there any sample/demo apps we can play around with?

I’m currently new at this and would love to see an example of a fully functional app to use as inspiration for something I am working on.


Hi there!

Did you already check out this tutorial for a movie review app ?
Or do you mean you would want to have some sample projects to play with in general?

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I would love to be able to have some sample projects to play around with! Are there any sample apps available?

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Hi Andrew. Not sure if this is what you were looking for, but these two creators have made their Composer apps available publicly and are free if you want to check them out.

Regarding sample projects: currently we don’t have any you could “clone” directly on the platform, but this is something we want to change rather sooner than later. For now getting into the tutorials and checking out the highlighted community apps from our blog is the best way to get forward!

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Just want to chime in how important this is. With almost 40 years of programming experience, I’m just looking for something to let me quickly create simple web apps without having to do a lot of hand coding and debugging… I’m just sick of spending hours debugging javascript and PHP to put together what should be pretty straightforward apps.

But I’m going to learn much more quickly taking apart an existing sample working app than trying to sit through videos. Passively watching videos is my absolute least favorite, and to me the very least effective, way to learn technical things. I see on Facebook you mention that your previous version had app templates but your “pro” version doesn’t.

I’ll play with it a little bit more, but for now it looks like this isn’t going to work for me, since trying to get started from zero without at least some examples to play with is pretty much a non-starter.

Like, for instance: recently spent several weeks (yes, weeks) getting oAuth authentication to an API endpoint working.

Now that I’ve done that, I understand the logic of how oAuth works. But I am loath to tackle trying to get that setup on an unknown platform with no samples to guide me.

oAuth is so common, that would be a very natural thing for you to have a demo set up of (or at least some kind of template). Then I could look at it and know in two minutes whether this platform was going to actually be easy for me to migrate my apps to, or whether I was in for another complicated mess.

Ditto for even more simple common things, especially, like managing user accounts, or creating or editing database records. Yes, I’m sure you have videos explaining it all, but watching videos is miles less efficient than having even a simple working code sample to look at. The length of time it would take for me to watch videos just hoping to find out whether this would even actually be an easier way to do the things I need is just not worth it. A small library of samples of just the most common operations, or just one or two samples of full-featured apps I could open up and have a look at the guts of, could tell me all I need to know in just minutes.

I do hope you’ll get some samples live soon that users can take apart and just dive right in with working examples of how it’s done.


Hi @M_Kirby, thanks for your valuable feedback. You’re absolutely right on this and we’re heading in the direction of embedding more of the documentation and examples into the platform itself.

Hi Mari,

One key area where things really need to improve is the the way issues etc are handled. Some sort of trouble ticketing system would greatly improve things. A scroll through forum posts shows that a massive number end without a response.

We also need regular (monthly at least) updates on what is scheduled for fixing, next releases etc.

Cheers, Phil


I think @M_Kirby is right-on. My background is in Lotus Notes. It came out in 1989 and the company I am currently working with is still trying to replace it. WHY? Because it came with some really nice application templates that you could customize QUICKLY. Many of the application templates could be used as-is, but most of the benefit of that platform was that you could see how all the functionality was ‘plumbed’ together. If you couldn’t figure it out to change it, it was still a working application.

I would really love to see a series of full-fledged applications available to import into your own project and modify. How about these templates:
Home-Owners Association Architectural Review Approval WORKFLOW.
Deep Water Captains Charter SCHEDULER
Shoppers Price Comparison SCANNER
Home Insurance Video Proof MEDIA STORE
Machine Shop Tool and Holder CATALOG

Anyone up to the challenge?