Asking the Community: What kind of learning material would you want?

Hi there!
We’re constantly working to improve your AppGyver experience. To that end, I wanted to ask the community: what kind of learning material and/or documentation would you find most useful?

  • How do you feel about the current onboarding videos, tutorials and documentation?

  • Is there are a particular topic or area in Composer Pro that you’d wish had more coverage?

  • Was something needlessly hard to learn in Composer? How could we improve that?

Any thoughts and input are really valuable to us in making things even better going forward :slight_smile:

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Materials that are available right now are a good start, and they are nicely integrating with Composer.

I would love to see all the materials structured as a project of a generic test app that utilizes the basic features of most mobile apps out there.
Put yourself in the shoes of your typical starter user without or with a limited technical background and build that test app from the first components and data connections up to deployment. Provide design cues, back-end data, and guides even to set up developer accounts with Apple and Google. This way, you will end up with a user who achieved success by deploying the first mobile app using your platform without external help. The critical factor is to provide all the info and data needed to make a successful deployment to the Apple/Google stores in your manuals.


I second more detailed documentation on building with Apple & Google dev accounts (or linking to step by step instructions). For iOS build, a couple of the steps are nicely detailed on creating secure keys but then it gets very high-level from there.

In general, I would say the detailed written documentation is nice once you have a feel for composer. It’s easy to search, scan, and replicate versus long videos. Especially when the documentation includes images showing the steps making it easy to replicate.

In the interim, while AppGyver builds out its offerings, suggestions on what 3rd party services to use and integrate to get to a full functioning app with things such as true account creation/authentication, push notifications, and data storage. I’ve never used airtable before but selected it simply because there was a guide to get it integrated.

Along those lines as a non-dev while AppGyver makes it easy to set up data resources through API calls (if you know what info you need) when I look at 3rd party API documentation I’m lost. Google’s firebase has about 1,000 pages of documentation for all of its services and I have no clue where to look to find the right information that AppGyver needs. It’s not an easy fix as it is external, but perhaps a guide on going to 2-3 external API resources and showing how you find the right information to set up a data resource. Otherwise, non-devs like myself get stuck.

I’d also say better filtering/searching for functions in the market place would be helpful as well. I feel as if there are some more experienced devs in the AppGyver community that may have components & functions built that non-devs would get value from. For example, @vereggen created a nice Firebase Auth tutorial and created some composite flows. It would be neat if there was a way for him to easily share the flows through the marketplace (removing all API Keys etc.). Perhaps even incentivizing devs to publish requested or sought after functions, flows, & components.


I’d like to see more examples / walkthroughs of how to create custom / reusable components and other best practices on using objects.

You have one page about components however I would like to see more about making components reusable.

I find that I keep making everything a global app variable or a local component. This is fine to get a prototype app up and running but not really best practice.

I find that I have the exact same JS code and other components copied multiple times throughout the app. Not quite sure how to keep it in one place, change it once, and have the object update everywhere it’s used.


Definitely some good practices would be helpful!

What would be a good start could be ready-made templates.

Starting with something that works makes it much easier to get into building and tinker around.

Even at a later stage (once you are already building something), if you release an interesting template/use case - it could be interesting to see how you solved certain topics (and copy those good ideas! :grin: )


I’m not a developer or engineer but I was able to get by with current docs and the community here so thanks to all.

I’d like to see more real-life examples of how to creatively combine formulas as well as how to use some of the components such as maps and charts.


I am using arrays of complex objects. Most of the examples for array functions have trivial, single data element members. Documentation for manipulation of complex array elements would be beneficial. One example - how to access and modify individual members of an object in an array without having to extract, modify and reinsert the object. If that documentation exists, please point me to it and you have my apologies.


I am not a developer so, in the first place, I have found some language difficult to understand. But, as said in other reply, once you have a feeling for the AppGyver paradigm, the documentation is nice.

However, there are several items I would like to see on the learning/documentation material:

  • Better explanation of components in the market place (i.e. return values, error messages)
  • Tutorials on integration of third party APIs such as AWS, Google, Oracle
  • In depth explanation of events
  • Tutorial on creating reusable components and flow functions
  • It would be nice to see some of the answers in the forum integrated in the documentation. It would make it so much easier for many of us.

Also not a developer here. And (luckily for now) not busy yet with flow-functions, logic and API’s etc.
Most documentation is about that.

1- I mis explanations on terminology for new non-IT users (as also said above)
2- I mis more explanation on how to ‘design’ a page. if only someone with go over all the possible settings etc. I think it would save you guys a lot of time if those are well explained (in non-it-language)

Once I am more experienced/senior and certain what I’m doing is correct -as I’m just winging it for now- I’d be happy to make a simple tutorial about it and share my learnings. But I’m not there yet (at all).

Great you asked!

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Meu entendimento e minha observação é que que alguns vídeos tutorias sobre APPGYVER não estão sendo explicado passo a passo . Variáveis, componentes , fluxo funções e LIGAÇÕES. Fica difícil para um iniciante entender. Sobre os banco de dados da plataforma appgyver. Os vídeos da mevis , um iniciante não conseguir analisar os componentes que ela usar quase nada. Existir vídeos que rodam muito rápido. Toda aprendizagem é de passo a passo. Tem pessoas que não aprendem com vídeos de 3 minutos .Se a plataforma a para agregar vários estilo .